My name is Matthew Blair.  I call my Dunedin based creative consultancy Scopic.  


I am always looking for work so that I can fuel my creative practice. Art is my life, painting and sculpting are my passion. Most of my creative works are for sale by negotiation, so if you see something you like please contact me.

Professional Designer

I do web design, form design, digital pre press, computer graphics, technical illustration, animation and  landscape design. 

Fixer and Troubleshooter

I repair electronics and fix computer operating systems and arrange technical services. I have a wide range of manual skills and if somthing is broken or malfunctioning I can usually arrange a solution to your problem very quickly. I have the ability to hyperfocus and to think outside of the box. I have a strong critical eye and I can consult with you on your systems or procedures and help iron out the problems before they happen. 

Digital Mentor

I am available for one on one coaching for people who need help with electronic devices. 


I can write advertising and reviews. I can prepare copy - I have help with this from my wife Alison who is an expert in this area. I like to write for social media and the web, but I am willing to work on anything that is fresh and interesting.